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January 15 2015

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September 20 2014


August 11 2014


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July 28 2014


How to write an outstanding essay?

Writing a paper may seem easy to some, but when it comes to a competition, where you have to write a paper on a single topic, same as your competitors, then you find the true level of your skills. That is because writing a paper without regard to good grades may be easy, but when it comes to a competition, where your honor is at stake, then writing an outstanding paper may prove as the most difficult task that you can ever face in your class. So, how can you surpass the others, how can you succeed where others failed, how can you write an exceptional paper to ace your class? Well, read on, because you will soon find the answer to that question.

Purpose of written assignments:

Before moving on to the characteristics of good essay writing, you should understand the reason behind these writing assignments. These types of assignments test different kind of skills, like your knowledge base, intelligence level and comprehension, precision, analyzing skills etc. Students have to understand what their teachers are looking for and what should they expect in return.

Characteristics of good writing:

After understanding the purpose behind different writing tasks, we can now focus on characteristics of good writing. A good written paper always generates from an original idea or careful analysis. Always take a different approach that is entirely based on your original thinking and not biased from outside. Though, original content may act as the foundation of good writing, but without a strong knowledge base, it is impossible to achieve excellence. A skilled writer always covers the important aspects and gives an insight to his readers while covering different angles. He always makes a balanced argument and concentrates on both sides of the picture. A good writer never loses his path and always sticks to the topic at hand, without wasting readers’ time. Last but not the least; a good assignment has no mistakes, what so ever. It has perfect English with no spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes and it is easy to read and understand.

Tips and Tricks:

After studying the characteristics of good writing, you need to implement them in your paper.

First, do a thorough research about your writing assignment and organize your game plan and the things you want to include in your paper.

Secondly, try to answer as many questions as your reader may ask and keep your argument balanced at all costs, but that does not mean you cannot include your own opinion. Remember, you can always back up your opinions with valid quotes from established academic work.

Thirdly, you should cover a wider picture and try to look behind the curtain rather than focusing on a single point.

Similarly, you can decorate your essay with images and different diagrams that can help you demonstrate your viewpoint. Always use footnotes and create an organized bibliography. After completion of your paper, proofread your document again and again. Try to ask someone else rather than doing it yourself because other people can easily point out your mistakes and may give you some brilliant suggestions.

June 16 2014


Elements of a perfect essay

There are certain elements or parts of an essay that every student who wants to become a good writer must know about. Whatever may be the type of paper or the writing technique to be used in the paper; these elements form a necessary part of all the compositions. All of you must have heard about the introduction, body and conclusion parts of an article. Here we will talk about three additional components of an article along with these three. The three other parts to be discussed here are: thesis statement, topic sentence and supportive sentences.

The introduction of an article tells what it is all about. Usually, an introduction is started with a broad topic which is then narrowed down to the main theme of the composition.  The introduction must be attractive so that it motivates the reader to read on till the end.

Next comes the thesis statement which is a part of the introductory paragraph. In an introduction, the writer firstly discusses the topic generally. But in the last two lines of the introduction, the writer has to make a statement which is then going to be supported throughout the rest of the article. How the writer is going to approach the topic is revealed through the thesis statement. This statement forms the basis for the whole article and also mentions the purpose of the writing.

The second main and the longest part of a composition is its body. In the body of an article, the writer presents arguments in support of his thesis statement. Prove your point through evidence, quotations, logic as well as facts and figures. It is very important that you have enough material to support your statement. Only the information that is relevant to the topic should be made a part of the body. Instead of going from hours of research you can just pay for an essay online, http://www.chiefessays.com/pay-for-an-essay-online

 Another important point is the organization of material in the body. The body is to be broken down into a number of paragraphs where the number of paragraphs to be included in an article depends upon its length. Whenever the writer wants to bring up a new point or fact, a separate paragraph is used for that. Each body paragraph carries its main points within its topic sentences. Supportive sentences, then follow and support the topic sentences along with supporting the thesis statement. 

After the body comes the conclusion of an article which summarizes the main points of the article and also restates the thesis statement.


Committing to extensive revision

When we start writing, we have some goals about the reviews, to achieve those goals we need revisions to see if our piece of art reaches those heights or not. To write better, we need to do more and more revisions otherwise we might miss something obvious and the writings may not appear as professional as we expected.

What is a revision?

When we have to write something, we have ideas jumbled up in our minds. Those ideas don’t make a clear sense unless they are written down. Writing also clears the idea of what we want to deliver. So keeping this concept in mind one must know that writing the first draft can never give us that perfect piece of writing unless we check for the mistakes (grammar, vocabulary, technical details, fluency and sentence structure) again and again. If you’re stuck with studies load it’s a good idea to hire best website for essay writing, http://www.chiefessays.com

Why are revisions important?

As mentioned earlier, revisions are needed to reach the level of professionalism that is required in our writings. Whether you are writing a blog for your website, term paper or a thesis, there is a level of writing that is expected of you and if you don’t do revisions and some mistake is left, then imagine how badly it will reflect on you.

Why people don’t do revisions:

Generally, all first drafts of writings need revision. So it doesn’t matter at what level of career are you, whenever you write something, the first draft can never be said to be final unless it’s revised. Some people think that they cannot write better than their first draft because of their weak writing skills. That’s where they are wrong. Because revision makes your writing better and improve your writing style.

It’s hard for people to revise their own work. Because their writings might look jumbled up or make no sense to others, but for the writer they might make the perfect sense. That’s when it’s time to ask a friend for a revision.

Revisions are not a criticism on the writer. Some writers take revisions as judgment on themselves rather than the writings. When you are writing you must put your ego aside and think logically. The more the mistakes in one revision, the less will be left for the next one and hence lesser number of revisions will be needed.

Therefore, every piece of writing needs at least one revision, even emails, or you might end up looking like a fool.

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